More quality and quantity at harvest

Improved plants uniformity, early production and higher yild (weight and size).
Main features:

Activates the “own” defensive system of the plant:
Increased resistance against diseases, damages reactions and better recovery against biotic and abiotic stress.

Actives the production process and metabolism:
Actives the process related to growth (cell multiplication and rooting), related to the production and quality of crops and with the resistance and adaptation to stressful situations.

Improves yield and consequently higher profits:
ACT-2® enhances crops resistance, achieving a quicker and stronger answer, favoring crop development to achieve optimum yield, and therefore more profits.

ACT-2 Benefits:

Reinforces general plant health:

Elicit the plant’s own defensive systems. Greater resistance to diseases and adverse conditions: temperature, water deficit, salinity. More health and productivity in crops.

Better rooting and uniform growth:
Increases the number and length of adventitious roots, with better crops start-up.

Calcium mobilization:
It activates the transport of calcium through all plant and specially to fruits, achieving a higher fruit quality: (ºBrix), firmness and post-harvest quality (cold storage).

Less incidence of physiological disorders related with Calcium:
“Tip Burn” in lettuce, “Blossom end-rot” in tomato and pepper, “Cracking” in cherry, “Bitter Pit” in apple trees…