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Available in packages of 1, 5 and 20 liters
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Applications can be made by foliar spraying and / or by soil (fertirrigation). Both ways may be combined and / or perform simultaneously

Foliar Application:
0,15-0,2% <> 150- 200 cc/100 l of water (1,5-2 l/ha)

1,5-2 l/ha (according to number of plants/ha and interval of application) or 0.75-1 l/ha/week in periods of strong growth

time interval

Apply every 10/20 days (maximum).

In fast growing crops it can be carried out from 4 to 8 applications, depending on the crop lenght and its specific characteristics.

In trees make a minimum of 3 to 5 applications: pre-flowering, fruit set, pea-sized fruit and fruit development -once or twice-.


It is recommended to consult with the Technical Department and / or Authorized Distributor to obtain the ideal program for each crop and agronomic conditions.