Política de calidad

MENADIONA S.L has been dedicated, since its creation in 1970, to the manufacture and commercialization of raw materials, intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, veterinary, plant health, nutraceutical, polymers and various chemical applications.


MENADIONA S.L is a company clearly oriented to its customers, offering services with the aim of helping them to achieve business success.


To that end, MENADIONA S.L staff is continuously improving its capabilities, skills and engagement to develop new products that satisfy our current and future customer’s needs and expectations.


MENADIONA S.L is committed to the environment protection and strives to make economic development compatible with prevention of the environment contamination. To this end, the management allocates the necessary resources to reduce the impacts to the environment, focusing its efforts on minimizing waste generation.


MENADIONA S.L undertakes to comply with all current applicable legislation and other requirements subscribed by the organization and to continuously improve its processes, quality management and environmental performance of the organization.


The General Manager of MENADIONA S.L, faithful to the principles and values set forth, will ensure compliance with this policy, assign the necessary resources for successful implementation as well as promote new business opportunities, being essential all staff collaboration and contribution.


Signed by General Manager on Palafolls, 4th March 2019